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Test Proctoring Request

Are you a student in need of a proctor? Muncie Public Library offers proctoring at Maring-Hunt. Proctoring is available Monday-Friday during regular business hours. For more information, please read our guidelines before making a request:

Proctoring Guidelines

The Muncie Public Library applauds those who are motivated to further their education. We are pleased to proctor exams in that spirit, with the following guidelines:

  • The student is responsible for contacting their educational institution to determine the institution’s testing policies, and for arranging for all needed materials to be sent to the assigned Librarian. The student needs to arrange all scheduling with the institution.
  • All proctoring will take place Monday-Friday, during the normal operating hours of the library.
  • Proctoring is offered at the Maring Hunt Library, depending on availability of librarians.
  • We require a one week notice (5 business days, M-F).
  • 24-hour notice is required for cancellation. A $10 fee will be charged if the student does not arrive for their scheduled appointment.
  • The library can provide space for taking tests, and Librarian Proctors can perform the necessary set-up and periodic monitoring. We cannot provide continuous monitoring.
  • Students failing to arrive at the scheduled time may need to reschedule, depending on Librarian and computer availability.
  • A picture ID is required from the student before the proctoring session.
  • A $10 fee will be charged per test for each proctoring session, in addition to any faxing or copying charges. Make checks payable to Muncie Public Library. Payment must be made before or at the time of testing.

We reserve the right to deny future proctoring sessions if the above guidelines are not followed.

Still have more questions? You can contact us by phone for additional information. Call 765-747-8204 for Maring-Hunt.  If you're ready to sign up, fill out the proctoring request form below. 

Do you have a Muncie Public Library Card?
Is a library computer needed to take the test?
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