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Share and promote your book with the community to increase exposure with Indie Author Project!


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Indie Author Project

Promote your book on BiblioBoard!

Local authors can share their work with the community to increase exposure. All you have to do is upload your ebook using Indie Author Project for inclusion in Indie Indiana, a statewide collection promoting local authors.

Submissions must be in .epub or .pdf file format. If you used Pressbooks, then your format is already ready to go!

Have you gathered everything you need to submit your completed book to Indie Author Project ? Submit your book here!

What Happens Next?

After a book is uploaded, it is reviewed to ensure that it is technically sound and does not infringe on copyrights. This initial review takes a few days. After that, the book will appear in Indie Indiana.

Fiction books in English will be reviewed by reviewers at Library Journal. The best reviewed books are included in a special curated collection, Indie Author Project Select, that is available to readers across the country.

The review process for Indie Author Project Select takes one to two months. Authors are notified by Library Journal/Indie Author Project if their book is selected for this collection.

FAQ about Indie Author Project

How much does it cost for authors to participate in Indie Author Project?
There is no cost to participate.

What do I need to submit for Indie Author Project?
You will need to agree to the terms of the program (click-through agreement) and then submit digital files for your ebooks in either .pdf or .epub 2 or 3 format. We also ask for some basic metadata to aid in the curation and discovery of your ebook. The submission process is simple and only takes about five minutes to complete.  

What if I do not have a .pdf or .epub file for my book?
If your manuscript has yet to be completed as a .pdf or .epub file, consult our Indie Author Project website to find file conversion and/or publishing resources.

When can I submit?
Submissions are accepted year-round.

What do you do with my ebook if it is included in the Indie Author Project platform?
You give us a non-exclusive license to make your book available to public library patrons via subscribing institutions in the public library market, including subscribing public libraries in your state or region. Authors and their publishing service providers/future publishers are not restricted in any manner from promoting and selling their ebooks to any market (including the public library market via other vendors).

When will I know whether I have been selected by Library Journal or not?
Assuming your ebooks are in the correct format and pass our technical requirements (we will contact you if they don’t), they will then go through a comprehensive evaluation process at Library Journal. You will be notified via email letting you know if your ebook has been selected and in which module it will appear.

What if my book isn’t chosen for inclusion in the Library Journal’s Indie Author Project modules?

Even if your ebook is not selected for Library Journal’s Indie Author Project modules, you can still opt to include it in a module available throughout your state or region with other local authors. Library Journal will not curate these modules; rather, the platform provides libraries with an opportunity to highlight the creative output of their local indie-published authors and to provide their respective communities access to those ebooks.


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